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The Original Hay Dryer

Chinook Hay Systems is the original of it’s kind. Designed BY hay farmers FOR hay farmers, so you can TRUST they know your business.

While some other hay drying units push air up into the hay bale, Chinook Hay Dryers have a patented 120 spike system, which pushes air up from the bottom and down from the top at the same time. This allows for better air distribution and faster, more even drying.

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Increase your Yield

Why Use a Chinook?

Maximize Quality

Maintain 85-90% of your harvest, yielding a 15-20% increase in product quality over traditional hay drying methods

Increase Productivity

Not only can you hay for more hours, you can extend your season by DAYS

* harvesting hay around 20% moisture, then drying it, has shown an increase of 1.5% higher protein levels

Reduce Risk

Take weather out of the equation! Minimize your crop’s vulnerability to MOLD, DUST & SPOILAGE


Accepts 3×3 or 3×4 bales as well as Bale Baron Bundles

Reduces moisture by 10% in as little as 15 minutes

Designed with modularity in mind: Add units as needed

Flexible power options: Grid power or GENSET with electric motor

Captures heat from the power source to inject into bales (air temperature ranges from 175 ° to 220 °F)

Chinook’s patented 120 spike per bale system dries bales quicker and more evenly, producing higher quality output

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