The Chinook Hay Dryer accepts 3×3, 3×4 and Bale Baron Bundles

There are many benefits to using the Chinook Hay Dryer. The system is designed to MAXIMIZE the QUALITY of your hay, INCREASE your PRODUCTIVITY (by extending the hours and days you can hay) and REDUCE WEATHER RISK – reducing your chances of mold and spoilage.

The Chinook Hay Dryer allows you to harvest your hay earlier and later in the day as well as in the season, it also allows you to control your moisture level to avoid over-drying and losing nutrients and quality. If you live in a dry climate, dust can also be a problem when drying your hay in the sun.

There are several model options which can affect the cost of your system. It’s a great idea to visit our Models page to review the different setups and then request a quote.

Great question! Here is a calculator to help you get some rough numbers: (insert link to calculator)

The Chinook Hay Dryer system will be stationed outside of your barn or any outbuilding that is built to suit. Although it is not mobile, it can be installed in the field using a shipping container and run independently powered by a GENSET generator.

You can have your Chinook Hay Dryer run off 3 phase power off the grid.

Yes. The Chinook Hay Dryer System will be installed by our professionals.

The Chinook Hay Dryer System comes already pre-wired and inspected, making installation hassle-free. If you choose to run off the grid as opposed to a generator, you will just need to have 3 phase power available.

The Chinook Hay System is designed with modularity in mind. You can add units as needed.

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