The Chinook Hay Dryer can be configured in different ways, depending on your needs. The standard layout would be an INLINE Layout. Chinook Hay Systems are also designed with modularity in mind, meaning you can add units as your farm or operation grows. Your system can also be powered by the grid.

When a GENSET is used to power the Chinook Hay Dryer, a 40′ sea container can be used to shelter the GENSET, heating elements, dryer blower, and hydraulic power unit. These components are laid out so that all the heat that is generated is captured and used in the hay drying process. The container comes pre-wired and inspected, making installation hassle-free.

Example of U-Shaped Layout

Example of Inline Layout

Example of GENSET Layout

Technical Specs

  • powered by a 250W diesel generator (electric GENSET or power grid options)
  • automatic bale cycle
  • accepts 3×3, 3×4, or Bale Baron Bundles
  • multiple configurations: INLINE, U-SHAPED, double setup or customized
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